AMFI Exam Tips series -5

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In this series we will be discussing on Types of Mutual Funds where in we will discuss in detail about

Classifying Mutual Funds
Growth Funds
Income Funds
Balanced Funds
Money Market Funds
Other Types of Funds
ICI Fund Classifications

Mutual funds are classified in various ways by various organizations. There is no universal classification utilized by all parties.

There are three primary investment objectives: Growth, Income and Stability.

Similarly, there are three primary categories in the investment objective view. They are:

Growth Funds – comprised of mostly stocks, and focused on capital appreciation
Income Funds – comprised of bonds and preferred stocks, focused on generating income
Balanced Funds – comprised of a mixture of stocks, bonds, and money market securities.

In addition to the primary classifications (investment objective; portfolio, or product), there are also some other descriptive categories of mutual funds. Some of these are:

· specialty funds
· index funds
· tender funds
· offshore funds others

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